Hi, I'm Julie and I started Soul Focus when I finally realised that I didn’t have to be anyone but myself to connect with the universe.  


The energy mentor who's more down to earth than woo. I help women understand and harness the universes language so they can take control of their success, reconnecting with their natural gifts and purpose

How do I do this?

By bringing that down to earth, matter of fact approach to energy and all things "woo" I'm able to show you how the universe is speaking to you and how you can talk back to create that flow in your business and life you desire.

I'm now thriving as a Spiritual Energy Mentor, Psychic Tarot reader, Astrologist and Reiki Master with over 16 years experience of working with the universe.  My clients say I have a unique blend mixing all my skills and abilities in every space and session I hold across all my services, to empower women to connect with their intuition and trust it! 

If you want to understand the language of the universe and wake up to your intuition you can book a session below. Let's get started! 

Julie Chandler

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1 to 1 Mentoring

What is it?


Coaching & Mentoring combined with tarot & astrology these highly focused sessions are tailored to you. Helping you learn how to understand energy in the universe, trust your intuition, live more in flow, develop and expand in both personal and business

Offered as either a single one off session or course of sessions this service really helps transform your life and bring you guidance on spiritual living

How it can benefit you?

  • Gain connection, trust and guidance in your voice with universe

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Live in flow with the universe

  • Explore tools that can help you live a better life

  • Save time and money in your business by trusting the universe

Energy Healing

What is it?


Combining Reiki, a gentle energy healing practice that can be conducted from anywhere in the world, with tarot and a progressive healing journey mapped out for you in your own pdf work book with crystal healing suggestions and next steps all sent after the session with your tarot video

How it can benefit you?

  • Reiki allows stagnant and blocked energy to move through you so you feel lighter

  • Relaxation throughout the treatment

  • Receive messages of guidance and support from the universe

  • Have something to refer back to that can help get you back on track with your healing journey


What is it?


Tarot is an ancient tool using cards to receive messages from the universe

I use my psychic abilities and empath skillset to tap into your energy to receive answers and guidance

Relaying information in answer to your questions or around specific topics so you can get guidance and clarity to move forward

How it can benefit you?

  • Gain clarity and insight on situations past, present and future. 

  • Get answers to questions or topics

  • Release old blocks with messages from your guides

  • Cut through the noise with clear insight

  • Feel connected to the universe, spirits and guides

Empath Empowerment Kit

What is it?


A mini course that will allow you to reframe how you look at being an empath (a highly sensitive person)

With educational videos, based around the 5 pillars, access to tailor made meditations and a work book to guide you through the journey you will learn why being an empath is your superpower

How it can benefit you?

  • Understand your empath ability

  • Learn to live with your ability with more ease

  • Reframe your thinking on being an empath

  • Be empowered to use your empath ability in a new way

  • Reduce low energy

  • Reset your energy

The Moon Lit Path® - The Hub

What is it?


A hub where you can access all the information you need to work with the moon cycles all for a single one off payment.​

A guide to the energy in the universe in each phase with access to spiritual masterclasses and workbooks to help you elevate your life with the moon

How it can benefit you?

  • Understand the energy of each and every moon cycle

  • A place of knowledge without searching and looking up in multiple areas

  • Live in flow with the moons energy

  • Learn a host of spiritual techniques and practices to elevate your life

  • Trust the cycles in your life

  • Trust the universe has a plan for you

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''Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! 

Love this - resonates so much with me!'' - Louise W


The Moon Lit Path ®

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