Get to Know Julie

Helping You Move Forward

Julie started Soul Focus UK when she realised that she didn’t have to be anyone but herself to connect with the universe.  

She is thriving as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Psychic Medium and Meditation Leader with over 15 years experience. Julie ditches the spiritual stereotypes to empower women to connect with their intuition and trust it! 

Julie brings a refreshing realness and authenticity to a notoriously woo woo industry. Her talent is clear as she elevates and empowers her clients to take charge whilst stepping into their true Soul Focus.  Julie is proof that you do not have to fit a typical stereotype to benefit from spiritual tools. 

Offering spiritual services including:

Tarot Reader

Crystal Healer

Reiki/Energy Healer

Spiritual Growth Mentor

1 to 1 Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Holistic Business Coaching

Meditation Hosting

Law of Attraction and Mindset Speaking Services

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