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Clarity by Connection

Are you looking for clarity in your life? This service could be for you…

Using both Tarot and Connection to Spirit to gain messages of insight I’m able to start firstly by connecting to your energy field.  With this ability I am able to scan through your energy body (Chakras and Aura) to find areas that could be imbalanced or blocked, which identifies some of the stagnant or lost feelings you may have at this time. Combining this information with a full tarot spread around the topics needed you will receive a detailed voice recording with information on what is picked up, helpful advice on how to move forward and what areas you need to be focussing on at this time. 

This clarity can really help take you from feeling unsure, lost or stuck to having a clear focus for the next step in life.

All this in one simple remote session costing only £20 for a limited time only!

To book please click below - All recordings will be sent within 48 hours of your session being paid for.


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