So that is the 6 pillars covered but there is so much more to just nodding along to videos and doing a couple of mediations!

Here are a few more resources that may help you along your pathway of Empath Empowerment


Crystals For Empaths

Protection -

black tourmaline mineral .jpg

Black Tourmaline

This crystal packs a punch and can sometimes be too strong for some people. So I would suggest having it as something you can remove easily and put away from you when needed.
If I want to feel protected when entering a busy event or place I will wear it as a necklace. I use it to protect my home when I get home.
It's used a lot for protection against microwaves/radio waves too.

Radiate -

Heart-shaped rose quartz, hard but heart

Rose Quartz

This beauty is so powerful for sending out love, and attracting it to you. It helps bring those with good intentions to you (those that need healing that aren't narcs for example)
We can use this to help radiate that healing loving light out by making sure our energy system is radiating with this lovely energy.

Analyse & Identify

Image by Sophie Vinetlouis


Amethyst is a great crystal to have in your tool kit! Not only does it have protecting abilities for your energy system it has the power to enhance your intuition and connection to higher self so you can tune into yourself and keep on top of what is yours and what isn't.

It is also a powerful healer for all the energy body so a 'must buy' if ever there was one.

Surrender & Endings

Selenite & Eucalyptus.jpg


Selenite is another crystal I can not go anywhere without! I have a selenite wand which I use to brush over my energy field which cleanses and clears away any energy that doesn't need to be there. It is a great addition when doing cord cutting as it clears our debris.

Pick me UP!

closeup of sample of natural mineral fro


If you are finding your energy is low after some impactful encounters this happy little stone is great! It brings in happiness and joy, honestly packing a hell of a punch.
Beware of wearing it at night as you may struggle to sleep!

Overall power punch

Clear quartz crystal.jpg

Clear Quartz

This crystal is an overall healer and can enhance the powers of other crystals it is around.  Wear it, or use, with the other crystals to super charge their powers or use it on its own for a cleanse and clear of your own energy system.

Image by Simon Rae

Extra meditations

Below you will find some additional meditations that you may enjoy and find can help you on your path.

Firstly we have a forgiveness meditation that allows you to sit face to face with someone who you need to forgive.  This could be someone who doesn't understand your empath abilities, a narcissist that you have encountered on your life journey or even yourself.

Secondly we have a meditation to take you through feeling the energy of gratitude that you can add to your present gratitude practice or to create one.

Thirdly a meditation to tune into your chakras individually to see how they feel

All three of these will help you get more aquatinted with energy and how it feels in yourself.

Organized Desk



Routine Tracker

The tracker from your workbook but as a 2 page option to reprint as and when you need it.

Crystal Healing

How to look after your crystals to keep them high vibin'

Shadow Adventure

This is a list of journal prompts that can be used when investigating our shadow side. Take some time to dig into these, they aren't for the quick good mornings journal session


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