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Energy Check In

This is a power hour session of Tarot, coaching and mentoring combined in an energy check in

This session will pack a punch

In the run up to the session you receive a questionnaire to fill in to help me gather the relevant information to make this hour as impactful to you as possible

Just before the session begins I do an energy read of your energy at the time to receive insight and messages to share with you

During the session we will address points picked up prior to the session before consulting the cards with your queries or questions

Throughout the session there will be guidance and spiritual support tailored to your situation

After the session you will receive access to the video to rewatch to absorb & benefit from the energy as time goes on

You will also receive a follow up email with steps to move forward with how to info on incorporating the lessons received in the session

Investment £175


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 5 Star Review

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Listening back to this reading, it's nuts. We covered a year ahead and The Earth Mother, depicting a pregnant female, come out for the last quarter of the year, and thats my due date! All read before the baby was even conceived. So many other things came out for the right time, needing to be strong through family illness and even the totem animal for me to work with being the Lion this year has come up again and again

The reading is so on point throughout the whole year!

Lourdes Apolaya

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I was delighted with my Tarot reading session with Julie. She was really warming and understanding and really helped me process lots of thoughts around a difficult decision. The reading gave me great guidance and I felt so much happier and reassured after. Julie was really professional but also very friendly. I can't wait to meet with her again.
Thank you

Emma Taylor

I have had tarot readings from Julie previously so I knew how amazing she was...the fact I keep going back speaks volumes! She randomly got a message for a friend of mine who was recently bereaved - about something which I didn't even know to be true. Julie is so lovely and of course Jacy (her spaniel) is adorable!

Louise Wilson


My Story

Experienced Coaching Professional

If you're asking why should I work with Julie, then here is the info you need to know.

I've always had a connection to universe and spirit since I was a child when I saw and heard spirit. I lost this connection a little, although not fully, until I was in my early 20's when life hit me in the face and forced me to pay attention once again. Isn't it fun when life does that? 

From this moment, some 16 years ago, I've been learning how the universe speaks to us and using this spiritual dialogue to guide my life decisions.  It's freeing and liberating to just have faith in the universe and jump off the edge knowing that you're supported & you can learn to have this too.

My professional spiritual journey began when I learnt to give Reiki to animals, before I set up my own product based holistic healing for pets business.  I then became certified in life coaching, spiritual coaching & as a Reiki Master in early 2019 which catapulted my spiritual connection and forced me to serve with energy using all my knowledge of the last 16 years to help others connect and live a better life.

Having shared my expertise on numerous podcasts, guest blogs and online newspapers I've established my voice as an expert in the wellbeing industry that stands out from the stereotype

I bring my psychic abilities, my coaching experience, my spiritual mentoring knowledge and my personal journey all into a melting pot for you to benefit. Tailor made mentoring & coaching from the universe translated through me.