Energy in Business


Are you coming up against blocks in your business?

Feeling stuck, unsure, doubting yourself?

This is a sign that the universe is trying to guide you, but you can't hear it clearly.

In this programme we look at how you can understand your energy language to the universe so you can trust your instinct, stop wasting time and thrive in your business

Not only do you get access to Julie's vast knowledge of the universe but also her business experience in both Product and Service based businesses throughout the years. 

The language of the universe is not a one size fits all model, its language varies slightly between each of us. This package is personally tailored to your set of intuitive abilities and will help you understand your personal language with the universe so you can start to benefit from it's messages every day.

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What you can gain from this investment

The Language of the universe package

- Establish ways the universe communicates with you daily from your inner world (body) to your outer world (signs in daily life)

- Learn energy clearing techniques that are unique to your birth chart make up

- Signs and Symbols in your life, learn how they're communicating with you and what they mean

- Initial energy reading before the session in which I can pick up your present blocks

- Birth chart analysis to establish ways your birth chart design is influencing your life today

The energy language in business additions:

- Energetic mindset in relation to business struggles

--- Imposter syndrome, money mindset, value, indecisions, perfectionism, control

- Psychic tarot guidance on your choices to help guide you and build confidence in your connection during calls

- Energy clearing session (worth £65) to be taken at any time during the 8 weeks

- Access to manifestation meditations


90 minute call to dig into the above and look at how the language is presenting itself to you 

4 x 60 minute follow up calls at 2 week intervals to dig into your findings and check point your discoveries (and of course consult the cards if needed)

Access to me via email throughout the 8 weeks to ask questions and check in with your revelations and progress 

Investment £999

Hit the button below to send me an email let's get started on your new language




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Bec Morris - Holistic Wellbeing Coach

I received coaching from Julie at the perfect time - I had just launched my business, and was working on setting myself up, growing and working with clients all at the same time.


I feel that most of us come across imposter syndrome automatically as entrepreneurs, and I always had those niggling doubts in my head that maybe I wasn't cut out for this, or I should be doing something different.  Since my first reading with Julie, this just wasn't an issue for me anymore.


The guidance and support she gave me helped me to realise that this is in fact my path, and I am working on a business that helps other people - the main reason that I will succeed and achieve my goals. Knowing that a higher power has acknowledged my journey and given me the nod that I'm heading the right way, I could take a huge sigh of relief and just learn to sit back and trust the process.


Since then, I've been working from a less 'needy' place and just letting things flow - meaning I've earned money without really putting in massive amounts of effort, I've developed plans and products that feel intuitively right and haven't been a huge stress to come up with. I'm trusting that things will happen when and how they need to, and I'm really enjoying witnessing everything unfolding for me.


I also need to add that in the middle of our coaching my life changed dramatically and unexpectedly. My dad passed away, and Julie went above and beyond to support me through what was a really difficult time. I signed up for business coaching, but ended up receiving spiritual support that I didn't realise I needed at that time. I think this just shows how much of a genuine good soul Julie is, and that she treats her clients with the utmost respect and care. I will be forever grateful to her for this.


Whether you are just curious about tarot guidance or ready to embrace it all, I highly recommend booking the business package. No matter what stage of your business you are currently in, the guidance will deeply relate to you and show you paths that you may not even be aware of right now. You never know what might unfold!

My Story

Experienced Coaching Professional

If you're asking why should I work with Julie, then here is the info you need to know.

I've always had a connection to universe and spirit since I was a child but lost the connection until I was in my early 20's when life hit me in the face and forced me to pay attention once again.  From this moment, some 16 years ago, I've been learning how the universe speaks to us and using this spiritual dialogue to guide my life and business decisions.

In 2017 I started a product based business that sold holistic and crystal healing products for pets. I then became certified in life coaching & as a reiki master in 2019 before launching my coaching, psychic and healing journey with less fury folk, the mere human! During this time I've guest hosted on podcasts, appeared in press articles, hosted live events & workshops, ran an online membership, exhibited in some of the largest shows in the country and have set up a second business running a virtual assistance agency.  I say this to say, I've been there.

I've felt your woes as a female business owner and solo-preneaur. 

I understand what it's like to feel disconnected and seeking more ease in my business decisions.

I bring my psychic abilities, my coaching experience, my spiritual mentoring knowledge and my personal business journey all into a melting pot for you to benefit. Tailor made mentoring & coaching from the universe.

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What are your fees?


Payment options are available, just email across your interest to

Will this benefit me?

If you know and feel there is something bigger out there than what you're living right now, this is for you.

If you've been stuck, wasting time on choices and decisions in your business. If you've struggled to trust your intuition in business or want insight into the next steps to take in your business and life this is for you

How do I book?

You can click above to book paying in full, or send an email to

Once you've booked you will receive a questionnaire to get all the juice information needed to get started and cracking along with a calendar link to book your first session



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As someone who had never had a Tarot before, I was intrigued and excited to see how it may support me in my business. I gained personally and professionally through working with Julie. Firstly the space to think and reflect in such a supportive and friendly place was incredible. Julie guided me through the process and reassured me as we worked through the insights that came up. I was positively challenged and the results made me face some of the blocks I had placed on myself in taking my business forward. The bespoke meditations were beautifully presented, and listening to them daily not only helped set me up with a positive mindset but even left me feeling able to make decisive moves in my business. I would recommend anyone to work with Julie. Not only is she gifted, but she is also a business owner, so the combination of spiritual and practical advice is invaluable.

Anna, Campbell, Reclaim Your Lane

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