Meet Your Intuition

This workshop was recorded live in Jan 2022 you can find the video recording below.
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Are you ready to connect to something bigger?

Are you unsure you're on the right path?
Feeling lost with no real connection to the universe?

Unsure how to trust the messages you think you're getting?

Learning to connect with the universe is your ticket out of the mud! 

In just 6 weeks you can:

  • Have a better understanding of yourself

  • Gain self confidence in who you truly are 

  • Release past emotional trauma

  • Learn how to connect to the universe

  • Learn your soul's purpose

  • Gain a better quality of life

  • Live in abundance and flow

The language of the universe is not a one size fits all model, it's language varies slightly between each of us. With this mentorship you can be guided to understand and trust your language with the universe.

This programme was created to pack a punch, helping you reconnect with the universe and explore spiritual living in all it's glory allowing you to be in alignment with your soul's purpose.




1 - Me, Myself & I

It's time to reconnect with yourself! Cleanse, clear and connect!  Explore the language of universe, as well how you can perform energy healing on yourself to reset and allow connection to the universe.

4 - Loud & Proud

You will be tuning into your intuition and connection with the universe to ask for signs & symbols.

You'll explore spiritual tools such as crystals & tarot to connect & trust their magic

2 - Blueprints & Hidden Codes

The best way to understand your personality & purpose is through astrology and numerology. This pillar will explore the blueprint of both, giving you insights on what they mean for who you really are inside--the true purpose behind all that brings us here!

5 - Healing ancestral trauma

Here you will explore your past to help heal yourself and release old wounds. You can also use this session as an opportunity for spiritual growth by clearing out any negative energy from previous lifetimes that may be holding on tightly in the present day
You'll connect with the Akashic Records, which are records of all things ever experienced - it's like getting an insight to this is your life but past present future!

3 - Back to the Future

Time to meet your guides and angels. Finding out the messages they have for you, building a relationship with them to allow them to guide you through your soul's journey

Explore how we can bring everything into our future self & create your life filled with purpose and abundance

6 - Live Your Best Life

You'll explore the Akashic records again this time moving forward and greeting your future self. Embracing what you have learned, set inspired goals for yourself in line with who I believe is right now - YOUR Soul Focus!

Soul Focus® Mentoring Programme
Payment Options:

Single Payment - £495

Pay in 3 via PayPal


Dates for the weekly live session (n.b. These will be recorded)

13th April 7pm GMT

20th April 7pm GMT

27th April 7pm GMT

4th May 7pm GMT

11th May 7pm GMT

18th May 7pm GMT

The Language of the Universe is a powerful and transformational tool and through this group programme you will unlock your unique language with the universe. 


You will find your purpose in life, tap into the language of universe and connect with yourself.


It includes:

6 x 1 hour live sessions based on each pillar where we explore what it means to have a strong sense of intuitive guidance with the universe
Online video & course material that you can access at anytime 

6 x Guided meditations that you can download and reuse throughout the programme and beyond!


Allowing you access to multiple spiritual teachings in ONE single programme.

My Story


Experienced Coaching Professional

If you're asking why should I work with Julie, then here is the info you need to know.

I've always had a connection to universe and spirit since I was a child when I saw and heard spirit. I lost this connection a little, although not fully, until I was in my early 20's when life hit me in the face and forced me to pay attention once again. Isn't it fun when life does that? 


From this moment, some 16 years ago, I've been learning how the universe speaks to us and using this spiritual dialogue to guide my life decisions.  It's freeing and liberating to just have faith in the universe and jump off the edge knowing that you're supported & you can learn to have this too.

My professional spiritual journey began when I learnt to give Reiki to animals, before I set up my own product based holistic healing for pets business.  I then became certified in life coaching, spiritual coaching & as a Reiki Master in early 2019 which catapulted my spiritual connection and forced me to serve with energy using all my knowledge of the last 16 years to help others connect and live a better life.

Having shared my expertise on numerous podcasts, guest blogs and online newspapers I've established my voice as an expert in the wellbeing industry that stands out from the stereotype

I bring my psychic abilities, my coaching experience, my spiritual mentoring knowledge and my personal journey all into a melting pot for you to benefit. Tailor made mentoring & coaching from the universe translated through me.

Julie brings a light hearted approach to spirituality which makes the information easy to digest and to connect with. Through our tarot and Reiki sessions I gain insight on blocks and how to tackle them which has allowed me to show up more confidently in the decisions I’m making for my business which has also poured out into my personal life x

Lauren Robins - Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach

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I loved my session with Julie she made me feel very comfortable, I was able to trust and open up to her from the beginning. Julie has a friendly and calming way that helped me relax, she explained clearly how the session would go.

I learnt so much about myself, some things like trusting my intuition and concentrating on what emotionally fulfils me was great to hear, and I have put that into action a lot since our session.

I had been told a few times before that I have money blocks and that came up here too, I have been working on this ever since and I'm starting to feel the benefit of a different money mindset and of welcoming more abundance.

I would highly recommend a session with Julie, it opened my eyes to my own possibilities

Ami Thompson, Wellbeing Coach