Language of the Universe

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Are you unsure you're on the right path? Lost in translation with the universe?

Learning the language of the universe is your ticket out of the mud!

The language of the universe is not a one size fits all model, its language varies slightly between each of us. This package is tailored to your personal set of intuitive abilities and will help you understand your personal language with the universe so you can start to benefit from it's messages every day.


What you can gain from this investment

- Establish ways the universe communicates with you daily from your inner world (body) to your outer world (signs in daily life)

- Learn energy clearing techniques that are unique to your birth chart make up

- Signs and Symbols in your life, learn how they're communicating with you and what they mean

- Initial energy reading before the session in which I can pick up your present blocks

- Birth chart analysis to establish ways your birth chart design is influencing your life today


90 minute call to dig into the above and look at how the language is presenting itself to you 

2 x 60 minute follow up call 2 weeks after one another later to dig into your findings and check point your discoveries

Access to me via email throughout the 4 weeks to ask questions and check in with your revelations and progress 

Investment £695

Hit the button below to send me an email let's get started on your new language


My Story

Experienced Coaching Professional

If you're asking why should I work with Julie, then here is the info you need to know.

I've always had a connection to universe and spirit since I was a child when I saw and heard spirit. I lost this connection a little, although not fully, until I was in my early 20's when life hit me in the face and forced me to pay attention once again. Isn't it fun when life does that? 


From this moment, some 16 years ago, I've been learning how the universe speaks to us and using this spiritual dialogue to guide my life decisions.  It's freeing and liberating to just have faith in the universe and jump off the edge knowing that you're supported & you can learn to have this too.

My professional spiritual journey began when I learnt to give Reiki to animals, before I set up my own product based holistic healing for pets business.  I then became certified in life coaching, spiritual coaching & as a Reiki Master in early 2019 which catapulted my spiritual connection and forced me to serve with energy using all my knowledge of the last 16 years to help others connect and live a better life.

Having shared my expertise on numerous podcasts, guest blogs and online newspapers I've established my voice as an expert in the wellbeing industry that stands out from the stereotype

I bring my psychic abilities, my coaching experience, my spiritual mentoring knowledge and my personal journey all into a melting pot for you to benefit. Tailor made mentoring & coaching from the universe translated through me.


⭐️⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5 Star Review

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After getting to know Julie and her warm, friendly, down to earth take on spirituality,  it was a no-brainer that I signed up!  I was quite new to the spiritual side of life when we met and through her wealth of knowledge and open-mindedness, Julie has become my go-to lady for guidance. Having her info at my fingertips has helped me come on leaps and bounds with my own spiritual practice and has helped me to get to know myself better. 
The 1:1 coaching sessions with Julie blew my mind and gave me the confidence to tap into and start listening to my intuition! (some of the conversations and synchronicities we had during those calls, you couldn't write!)  I would highly recommend ALL of Julie's services (yes, I have tried them all!) as I have felt so supported and empowered by working with her!

Candice Hutchison - Bluebird Soul Therapies