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Moon Cycles: How the magic of the moon can create more flow and reduce stress

This FREE intro masterclass is for you if you've been called to work with the moon. It dives into finding deeper meaning and connection by working with the moon cycles to improve your life. Including

✓ How you can harness the moon's magic

✓ How astrology plays a part in our daily choices

✓ How you can start taking steps to connection & purpose


My Story

Julie created Soul Focus UK and The Moon Lit Path with the purpose of helping others harness the power of the universe. The principle behind her work is ''You, but Spiritual'' Because you can be just as you are now and benefit from the universe.

With  over 15 years experience working with the universe and spiritual tools. Now with a host of services including working as a tarot reader, reiki healer and spiritual community teacher

If you want to step up and empower yourself to listen to your intuition, connect to the language of the universe and heal then you are in the right spot!


Who is this master class for?

This is your sign...

If you've got this far you are being called to work with energy so this class is for you! 

Giving you a soft intro to the world of moon cycles and how you can use them to enhance your life this video is for you if you want something more in life RIGHT NOW!

What are you waiting for?

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Ready to learn how to use moon magic?

Watch the masterclass today

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