3 Reasons Empaths are the unsung heroes of the 21st Century

Being an Empath can really be a challenge, but when we take into consideration the world as we know it in the 21st century we see these challenges highlighted further.

You will probably know or sense if you are an Empath already but if you aren’t sure here are some of the most recognisable traits, but not all as this list is pretty extensive.

  • Sensitive - Light, Sounds, Elements and Energy

  • Big Heart - Giving, Giving, Giving!

  • Introvert &/or need alone time

  • Forgiving - to a fault

  • Absorbs others’ feelings - Physical and Emotional

But why are they the unsung heroes?

1 / Sensitivity is Hard Work

Sensitivity is hard enough as it is, but in the 21st century we are at over 7.5 billion people on the planet. Empaths have the ability to tap into or absorb the energy of every single one of these people! Yup that’s right, as an empath you are carrying the energy of everyone you interact with, consciously or not, on a daily basis as well as those you think about or reach out to.

Being able to feel so many peoples’ emotions and physical ailments is, well to put it bluntly, exhausting. We are carrying around so many people’s baggage on a daily basis no wonder mental health issues are on the rise right?

Empaths will find that they’re wanting to shut themselves away more than ever and that even then they’re not recuperating the way they would have in the past because of all the extra stimulation the 21st century brings.

How many of you can say that when you get home you don’t look at your phone, keep the TV off and don’t even breath near your laptop? Not many of us I'm sure. The era of social media which is created to be all consuming and the TV shows, of stress related drama and depression embedded in their story lines, that hook you in to keep you watching means that for an empath there is even less downtime to detach from other people’s energies and tune into their own to see how they are really feeling.

Why not take conscious note of how much energy, both ‘’good’’ and ‘’bad’’ you are consuming in a day, you may be surprised and where small adjustments can really help your life as an empath.

2 / Feeling all the feels in an unconnected world

Not to hate on social media again….but….it has meant that we are a population that are more connected but so detached at the same time. This means empaths don’t know where they stand, which for an empath is anything from unnerving to disastrous.

Empaths need and want to understand their place in relationships (platonic and romantic). As it is their natural impulse to give, time/energy/effort etc, not knowing where they stand can mean they overcompensate and continue to give so much they are completely depleted. Being this depleted can lead to emotional instability as well as physical illness. Empaths are in a continual battle against this unconnected world seeking the stability they desire to flourish.

In a throwaway society the empaths of us who long for connections are somewhat flailing in the wind trying to keep up with an ever-changing ecosystem which has seen great transformation, but it is ever prominent that we haven’t quite caught up in evolution stakes as empaths.

That empaths are still battling to find connection and offer up more than they can, and perhaps should, feeds the world love and a human element that could quickly be lost in the 21st century.

3 / Empaths are Natural Healers

Because of their ability to give and offer more than most empaths are helping heal the world. They may not all be on the front line as Dr’s and nurses but believe we when I say you all have empaths in your life, and they are all helping you heal and grow in subtle ways each and every day.

Empaths are natural healers; they are here for that reason…they might not all know it yet! They heal by letting you vent, by the naturally supportive and giving nature and their ability to intuitively suggest ways forward for others. Most empaths are highly intuitive and often get nudges from the energy around them to help others. They will be the first to ask if you are OK and give up their time to help you resolve a problem.

Whilst we are in a world of unconnected energy, the empaths are there closing gaps and helping people come back to themselves or to the softer side of themselves that needs to be more balanced. For me that we need to be more balanced in our own masculine and feminine style energy is an incredibly important point of our lives. The 21st century is using more masculine energy than ever before, which is fast paced, and action orientated, so the feminine go with the flow caring energy is depleted in society as a whole. Empaths are seeing and are intuitively adding more feminine energy by being aware of their feelings…their true and pure feelings and honouring them.

The importance here is to protect the empaths energy as well as celebrate it. As not only an empath myself, but someone with many clients who are also empaths I believe that they are all superheroes and should be empowered. I realised some time ago that being this sensitive was not a curse, but a gift. Which is why I created the Empath Empowerment Kit. The kit uses 6 video lessons and 8 guided meditations as well as a workbook which take empaths through a 6-pillar system to really tune into themselves, & out from the world, as well as change how they view their ability. It’s time to embrace being an empath and honour the empaths in our lives!

If you are interested in any products and services about being an empath, highly sensitive, intuitive or just being in tune with the universe take a look at the website.

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