How cutting out the BS helps your energy system

When it comes to our energy system, we carry around a lot of BS. Whether that’s collected from other people or our own inner voices (yes plural!). Often, we get so comfortable in this BS world that we don’t realise we can actually get rid of it to make our lives easier. Imagine walking along with a huge rucksack with all the pockets and compartments and the more BS we accumulate the fuller and fuller it’s getting. We say ‘It’s fine’, you can handle it, it’s sturdy on your back and you’re strong. But the truth is if someone could empty half of the BS in the pockets it would be a whole lot easier right?

What exactly do I mean by BS? Well in energetic terms the BS can be seen in many different areas of our lives. The pressures we put on ourselves to live up to all the ‘shoulds’.

I should be working on this content, or I should be spending time with my family.

Another example is any time you say Yes to doing something you really don’t want to do, then carry around this energetic weight of feeling uneasy or burdened by it


Some of the burdens are put on us by society, I should have a baby and be married by…insert obligatory age here. Perhaps past relationships or work environments have placed the BS on your shoulders and its slowly started creeping into you daily lives.

Signs that you have a lot of

BS baggage can easily present in ways such as self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and burn out.

So how do we ‘cut the bullshit?’

Firstly by becoming aware of it and how it manifests in our lives. I’d carried around a lot of BS associated with needing to hustle lots for work and that I was tied to living in London to make a living. Until I went to the south of France for 2 months and realised, actually none of that was true. From there I’ve created major shifts in my life and removed so much BS. Not to say that it won’t creep back in, via different ways. The important thing is being aware of it, continually checking in on how much is in that rucksack and how to let it go when you’ve spotted it.

Check in with how things feel. Yup get in tune with your own energy system. We all feel and process energy in different ways the trick is learning your energies language. Do you feel things physically? Perhaps you feel incredibly run down, catch colds regularly, feel like you’re walking through treacle or even have physical discomfort in your body that comes from holding onto something too long?

Perhaps your energy language is a bit more subtle, and you have a knowing that something isn’t quite right but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Perhaps you’ve lost focus or drive in your passion or career, or maybe you’re not so interested in meeting up with friends and family. An energy lethargy seems to have taken over. Then this is the perfect time to start cutting the BS and shaking things up!

The first step is becoming aware of the energy block. Here are some great journal prompts to regularly use to check in with your BS scale


  1. How is my energy feeling over all?

  2. Are there any should’s that are overtaking my thinking at the moment?

  3. How can I reframe these to release the BS?

  4. Am I being too ‘Yes man’ and not enough care for myself queen?

  5. How can I try to bring in more care?

Once you have established where the BS is you can begin to cut it from your energy system. This would be a great opportunity to bring in more energy practices and use tools such as crystals and candles as well as seeking out healing professionals who can do energy healing such as Reiki or get a Tarot reading from someone who covers blockages to establish any deeper routed issues.

Sometimes you can take a straightforward approach by removing the thing that’s leaning on you heavily with the BS, whilst other times it’s not so easy as upping and leaving London like I could. When you can’t remove yourself from the BS it’s about changing the energy of the BS, making it lighter if you will. When your brain is saying you ‘should’ you can try to change it to a ‘I get to’ and start reframing the energy around that ‘should’

‘I should be working on my business’ turns to ‘I get to work on my business’

‘I should be earning x amount of money’ turns to ‘I get to earn in the process of making x amount of money’. These reframes help create a lighter more positive energy which is easier on your energy system, releasing some of the pressure.

When someone says can you come to an event and you really don’t want to, find the courage to say ‘I appreciate the offer but that really isn’t my cup of tea’ and add in a counter offer if you’d like. People pleasing isn’t going to help your energy feel free…trust me I know!

These are some simple steps to help change the energy if you’re feeling stuck. So lets re-cap.


- Notice, by regularly checking in with yourself, how your energy is communicating with you to tell you if things aren’t running as smoothly as it could be.

- Identify the cause or type of BS causing this energy block for you and make a plan to remove or reframe it

- Seek professional energy healer or workers advise on how to remove the energy

- Give yourself a massive pat on the back for doing this as it’s HARD

- Continue to check in on your energy and how it’s doing. Treat it as you would your physical body

If you have any questions about this you can drop me a message or follow on the socials to reach out

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