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Reiki for Pets, does it work?

Reiki? And for Pets? I can hear the suspicious questioning tone from here. But yes! Reiki really can b

enefit...well...everything, including our beloved fur-babies (or just babies for those of you with hairless breeds 🙀)

So what is Reiki? Is it just a fad from L.A. or a passing trend? I promise you it is no goat yoga (yes this is also a thing in L.A.!) and Reiki is a legitimate natural healing tool for all living beings, this includes our pets.

What is it?

Reiki has been practiced across the world since the late 19th Century. Its origins are in Japan and its name translates (loosely my Japanese is rusty😉) to healing life force energy. The technique was created and first practiced by Dr. Mikao Usui and has since been adapted and changed with two main lineages now being practiced world wide, the Japanese and Western lines. Both with the same goal, to offer healing energy to our energy bodies (we all have one, made up of areas with hippy esc names like Chakras and Auras).

With the use of secret symbols representing different energy frequencies, the energy is passed over and through the patient. It can help move and clear stagnant or blocked energy which can manifest itself into both physical or emotional ailments.

The practitioners hands will move across the energy body, sometimes placing the hands to the skin or sometimes from a distance. Switching positions across the chakras and aura with the use of symbols intuitively throughout the session. For pets the usual reaction is to lay and rest, presenting areas they would like treated or that they enjoy the feel of the energy.


''If I can't see it then it can't be a real thing'' This is something I, and other healers, come up against frequently. ''You can't see or feel oxygen but you know it's there, else we wouldn't survive'' is often my retort. It is true that there isn't a box filled with pills, or a tangible product, that you receive when you take your pet to receive a reiki treatment. However the results are only positive, and science is starting to play its part in recognising the benefits of reiki energy. Reiki is now offered to people in some areas of the UK on the NHS, we all know that money is tight there so for it to be viewed as a legitimate healing modality speaks volumes for its healing benefits and record.

Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange has done what he names as ''The World's First Scientific Proof of Reiki'' on his website where he shows the effects that reiki had on the molecular structure of water. Reiki energy changed the structure of the water molecules to its purest original structure. If we look at this from the point of view that humans and animals are made up of mostly water, we can see how reiki can have such a positive effect on our, and our pets, bodies.

Reiki and Animals

So what can reiki help with for our pets? The answer is everything, you name it then reiki can help. Reiki energy goes where it is needed not just directed. A good reiki practitioner will be able to sense and feel energy blockages, and it may quite surprise you what they find! I personally have done a treatment on a small terrier mix breed who was brought to me due to some light aggression when playing with other dogs. During the session I was sure that there had been some past trauma to the rear leg, but the owner was adamant that she didn't know of any such trauma. Two weeks later I receive a call to confirm that in fact as a puppy it had broken its back leg in rough play with a larger breed, but was a rescue dog so she wasn't sure of the full history at the time of our reiki session. I had been able to send reiki healing to the old trauma site, which had not been giving the dog any physical issues since it had healed, however there was still emotional trauma remaining and built up in energy blocks in this area. With a few sessions the dog became less defensive as its energy body was realigned.

Overall the most frequent clients for myself are those with some of the following:

- ongoing health issues

- recovering from surgery

- recovering from illness

- age related sickness

- separation anxiety

- fear based aggression

- life after trauma (rehoming or accidents included)

All of these, and more, can be helped by reiki sessions. One session can help your pet on its road to recovery.

With pets, as they can't speak to us to tell us the problem, we have to do everything we can to treat them and resolve any issues that give them discomfort, pain or stress. Reiki is not to be used as an alternative to veterinary care, but as a supplementary holistic healing tool (and a great one at that!)

If you are interested in animal reiki healing you can see more here or pop me an email

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