The Art of the 'Ah-HA!'

I love an ah-ha moment, and once I realised these are typically nudges from the universe, I loved them even more.

You know the kind, out of no where things suddenly make sense. Ding, ah-ha moment.

I recall the ah-ha moment that started me on my product based business in 2018. I’d been working as an animal reiki healer for some time and I’d never thought about how to develop it or evolve what I was doing.

In my personal life I was having a very hard time filled with family illness and a bad breakup that didn’t seem to end. One day my ex and I were arguing on the phone when I just hung up and hit block (somewhat toxic I know but in that moment I felt I had no other way to escape the constant noise that was happening around me) and once I hit block I put my phone on charge and took a breath.

All of a sudden a thought came to mind of making crystal healing bowls for pets, it was a quick flash moment out of no where. And I thought ah-ha! Why didn’t I think of that before?! It was as if someone had planted the seed in my brain in that moment. I then spent the evening researching and creating the vision I'd had in that moment.

Quickly after this things began to speed up with this idea, from planning to executing and I was selling a range of holistic healing products for pets at The Mind Body Spirit show in London and Discover Dogs, hosted by Crufts, at the Excel in London. It was at these shows I realised I needed to work with people and help them understand how to use the language of the universe to their benefit (which would lead to more animals being helped too which was my passion)

This single ah-ha moment changed my life, as without it I don't know the route I'd have taken to get to where I am now with a successful service based business helping you guys connect to the universe.

So how exactly did this ah-ha moment come? Simply, from the stillness.

We can’t hear the universe speak if there is too much noise, we have to create the stillness in our body and brain to be able to receive these insights.

Not all ah-ha’s are life changing, but they are important! Think of a time you had lost a ring or piece of jewellery and later that day you’re doing the washing up and ah-ha you remember exactly where you placed it for safe keeping. Or you get a parking ticket and know you need to pay it before a specific date and the price rises but you put the ticket away and forget only to be doing your make up one morning and ah-ha you suddenly remember you need to pay that ticket, reach for it and the date is today.

These little ah-ha’s are just as important as the big ah-ha’s and these are all communications from the universe. It’s all energy being transferred to you to get your attention, bring you onto the right path or get you out of a jam. I now listen to and honour my ah-ha moments throughout both my personal and business lives.

How can we honour the ah-ha moments?

🌟 Listen

I don’t mean continually asking for them to give you a message and waiting to hear them. The messages come when they’re needed you can’t wait around forever. But when you do hear them and receive the ah-ha moment you can act on it. That shows you are listening. You are taking that energy and putting it to use

🌟 Gratitude

Taking a second to say or think. Thank you. This gives your energy the frequency of gratitude that the universe loves to see and feel. Opens up the gateway to allow more goodness and ah-ha’s to come through

🌟 Making space for stillness.

I’m not suggesting you need to meditate daily, or have a ritual set up to channel and receive messages from the universe (unless you want to!) But being aware of the chaos around you and within you is important. Knowing that when you’re in the chaos you are less likely to be able to hear the universe when it’s trying to yell at you that you didn’t pay for your petrol before you drive off. Being aware of your chaos means you can take action to give yourself the space for stillness if you want it. This can be the simple task of washing up without over thinking, doing your make up without thinking about the day ahead whatever you chose to find a moment where you’re not thinking about the past or worrying about the future just 5 minutes of space for the moment you’re in. This is when you can hear the universe much clearer.

These three things will help you hear the ah-ha’s and enjoy them when they come as you never know how important the next ah-ha could be for your life's journey.

If you want to learn more about how you receive messages from the universe, help translating the energy. You can find more ways to work with me here

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