The top 3 reasons women don't listen to their intuition

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

If you are here reading this it’s because you know you have intuition, or intuitive abilities. And you would be right!

But why is it so hard to believe that, with your whole heart? Lets’ look at 3 of the most common reasons that come up with my coaching clients

1 – You’ve been told that women’s intuition isn’t real

Erghhhh this is a big one, and a personal bug bear of mine as it’s one of the reasons I didn’t trust my own intuition for many years.

Firstly, I’m going to tell you something that will shock you…. it’s true! Women’s intuition is NOT real…but intuition is. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we have a special power that men don’t it’s just more common for women to be conscious of their intuitive abilities.

Why is this? – Women are built to detect subtle energy more quickly and easily than our male counterparts. It’s in our physiological make up. Think about mothers who know their child is in danger before it happens, we are programmed to be in tune with these nudges for the protection of the young. Of course this is not always the case, it is an ability we all have. But this isn’t the only way we can use the power of intuition.

An important thing to remember here is who told you this belief? Who told you women’s or your, intuition isn’t real? This is important to identify. Was it a parent, partner, sibling or perhaps a teacher or someone in society? Take a moment to evaluate this and where their own belief may have come from.

Then take note that they haven’t lived your life! They haven’t felt the things you have felt! So why do you (likely unconsciously) continue to believe that belief?

2 – Ego

Yup that gremlin in your head! It serves a purpose, and a brilliant one at that. The ego serves to protect you, that is its only true purpose…but it’s a worry wort and needs to be reassured!

The ego can come up to say, that’s not real because it is protecting you from the idea of what your intuition is telling you. E.G., ‘’Is he talking to his ex?’’ your intuition might be saying yes but your ego says let’s not listen to that because to deal with that is scary and I like my safe place here where everything is fine.

So, we have internal dialogue and often the ego wins as it’s much more dramatic than the average intuitive nudge.

Although the ego makes us feel safe and likes us being in our comfort zone. Can you think of an example where you listened to your ego rather than your intuition and ended up wasting time?

I have had an example where I stayed at a job a lot longer than I should have as my ego told me I needed the security of a consistent job. But my intuition was nudging me to new things that would be better for my health. In the stressful job I was faced with anxiety and migraines regularly that were crippling, my intuition wanted what was best for me and if I’d listened to begin with, I would not have had so many months of illness

Are there areas you have been leaning into your ego and ignoring the intuition?

3 – Not knowing how to access the intuition

Typically, this comes from a lack of knowledge in the spiritual as a child and an over stimulated world which has trained our brains to tune into the bright and shiny when our intuitive voice is more often than not soft and subtle.

The first thing I always suggest is being able to connect to yourself, away from the brightness that is todays’ society. This can look like a walk, exercise, long bath/shower, having a sing to your music, a car journey, or journaling. The possibilities are endless and are so individual to each person. But think about a time when you have received an a-ha moment out of the blue. Perhaps when you were washing up you remembered where you put your bank card that you spent 20 minutes frantically looking for the day before, or when you went for a run the idea of a holiday destination popped into your head that you then rushed home to plan and book (pre 2020 I imagine!) and it was just what you needed. These activities are a form of meditation and a great way to access information from the universe, your higher self, intuition or whichever terminology suits you best.

The wonderful thing is that it doesn’t have to be hard, this is something that is in all of us at all times we just have to get out of our own way to access it.

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