Walking away can be the most freeing thing you ever do

Today I talk about walking away and how it can be the hardest yet the most freeing thing you can do for your energy! This post will be a little different to how I would usually write a blog as I'm going to direct you to the tarot cards and their imagery or meaning along with the story of how I've successfully walked away and freed my energy.

This topic came up a lot for me last week, so much so it was shown in tarot card images in my dreams! Let me show you the cards so you can see how powerful their story is.

The top row matches the bottom row, just using two different decks as the imagery is beautiful but subtly different in both.

In the first vertical row we see someone who is leaving behind the cups and walking away. These cups used to mean the world to them, they've worked for them and cultivated them perhaps a large portion of their lives but they've made the choice to walk away and be free. In the second vertical row we see a boat taking people to new lands, but that they are bringing things with them either family, the swords which represent wounds from their last battle or the huge bag of stuff they think they need

In our last row we see two different views for the same card, top we have someone who's been stabbed in the back who has suffered greatly whilst below she is looking to new lands and the wounds are floating above her.

All of these scenarios are so interesting to look at and place to times in our lives. When we look at the energy of each situation we can see that we have a choice in every movement we make in life that we aren't trapped.

You can either, similarly to myself, leave behind a life you'd known for many years and start a fresh. Or you can take some of the important things, even wounds with you, to the next destination. Be careful that these wounds aren't killing your energy like the top right corner but even if they are you are still in control and you can release them like the birds flying above her head on the bottom right. Even with the wounds and baggage your energy is not stuck, you are in control of it at any given time.

As touched on last week when discussing 'BS' (check the blog here if you missed it) sometimes we don't know that we are carrying the BS with us, it can become so much a part of our identity that we don't realise we can drop it at anytime.

I was this person, I'd lived in London for 16 years and thought I would never leave. I worked a job for 13 of those years that I hated but I thought I couldn't leave due to the stability of that regular income. I was being slowly stabbed in the back every day by not listening to my intuition, my gut instinct to up and be somewhere else. Until the universe helped clear the path for me to have the freedom and move away. Now I'm living a more healthy lifestyle physically and spiritually and I KNOW that my energy thanks me. I've allowed the wounds to fly above my head and be part of my history rather than my identity.

It isn't always as easy as clicking our fingers, wanting and wishing. But the turning point for me was when I made a decision that I wanted more than what I had. I didn't question if I deserved it, I didn't doubt that I could get it. But I made a declaration at the end of 2020 that by the end of 2021 I would be free of the bonds holding me to one place at all times. I didn't expect things to mean I could be free within 2 months of that..that that's another story for another day. What I did do was take action! The doorway opened and at first I procrastinated and fell into the same patterns, taking on work that would keep me bound to the same place again. Stating to the universe 'I need x amount of money before I can be free'. This was the moving on but taking my baggage with me, what I really needed was the leaving things behind and moving on without that mentality. How did I get it?

I jumped. One day without knowing if we could legally travel, if we would be going into another lock down, I trusted my gut and booked 2 months in France where I would have the space to think clearly and hear my instinct away from the chatter of London.

On early afternoons I would sit in the garden and watch Jacy my dog sunbathing and watching her surroundings and just feel a calm I don't remember having before. A knowing that this was what I wanted. From here I jumped again, I returned back to the UK and within 21 days I was packed, shipped off and moved to Norfolk. Now I feel like the girl in the bottom right, I'm free. Yes the wounds of the past are in my memory bank should they be needed, floating above my head, but the wounds are healed and I'm free to walk and view my surroundings.

My message today is that truly the jumping isn't as scary as you may think. The when you are in alignment with your inner voice you won't go wrong.

Take time to think about how you want to feel. What you want in life for yourself and those you love. Can you bridge the gap where you are right now? If no...it's time to jump!


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