What the hell is Reiki?

'What is Reiki?'' I hear this so regularly it just had to be my first blog post.

''Well, how woo-woo do you want to get'' I often ask in return, this is usually sufficient to deter anyone who is not into metaphysics or spirituality 😉

In basic terms Reiki is an energy healing practice, it has a rich history and is practiced by millions across the world since the late 19th Century. Its origins are in Japan and its name translates (loosely my Japanese is rusty😉) to healing life force energy. The technique was created and first practiced by Dr. Mikao Usui and has since been adapted and changed with two main lineages now being practiced world wide, the Japanese and Western lines. Both with the same goal, to offer healing energy to our energy bodies (we all have one, made up of areas with hippy esc names like Chakras and Auras).

With the use of secret symbols (not so secret now with the age of the internet) representing different energy frequencies, the energy is passed over and through the patient. It can help move and clear stagnant or blocked energy which can manifest itself into both physical or emotional ailments. People who are attuned to reiki energy are able to pick up different frequencies in their patients and these are then associated with different physical problem or emotional blocks.

Want to know something amazingly woo-woo? You don't even have to be in the same room, location or even country as the person performing reiki. Energy can transcend time and space, so reiki practitioners are able to tap into your energy field from anywhere!

During an in person session the practitioners hands will move across the energy body, sometimes placing the hands to the skin or sometimes from a distance. Switching positions across the chakras and aura with the use of symbols intuitively throughout the session. With a remote session you will usually be asked to lay down with your eyes closed as the practitioner works through your energy field.

How does it feel? Typically everyones session feels very different but the typical would include some of the following:

- seeing colours behind closed eyes

- seeing shapes or images

- feeling cool, warm or tingles across the body

- relaxed (some people even drift off!)

After the session people are usually so amazed at the information that is attained from the energy field. Many feel totally uplifted and light, but it can make each person feel very different.

If you are interested in a short remote reiki session you can book he


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