Soul Focus Membership

Below is information on the Soul Focus membership as well as a video tour to see what you get! 

Doors are currently closed until January where the prices will go up, but you can access via this private booking page to get access at only £17 per month!


Soul Focus Membership

Spirit Tribe with Growth at the heart

Doors currently closed BUT as an exclusive offer for the Empath Empowerment Kit clients you can join at 2020 prices!

You have probably had an interest in spiritual aspects for a while, your intuition has started to become heightened but you don't always listen, you see signs or numbers repeatedly and feel very drawn to crystals and other divination tools.  Then this membership can help you!

Delve into learning more about spirituality, the universe and the law of Attraction with a group of likeminded women whilst you grow individually to live in flow with the universe and see how much power this gives you! 

Using astrology to structure our weeks and months, following the moon cycles and planetary days of the week you get a weekly video on Wednesday, 'Words on Wednesdays' and a meditation on 'Spiritual Sundays' and a monthly full moon ceremony - Live or replay access.

You also have access to a dedicated Members Only area of the website where you can find the back catalogue of information booklets and videos all about moon cycles, goal setting, spiritual tools and how best to use them as well as simple mindset techniques to use to expand the power of manifestation.

We also have a private members only facebook group where you can talk all things spiritual in a supportive none judgemental environment. So come and join our tribe today as doors will close 1st August.

If you like candles, moon magic, astrology, tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, crystal grids, intuition, auras, energy healing and much more then this is the group for you!

Take a look around our new members only area in the video below!

Don't forget you can now get access to the Meditation Library for only £4.99!


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