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You have taken a massive step forward by signing up to the Soul Focus membership. This action alone tells the universe that you are ready to step up and live in flow with your intuition as well as grow spiritually, so well done!

All you need is a journal and a pen the rest of the items mentioned throughout the membership are complimentary, crystals & oracle cards etc., to your journey and I would only recommend purchasing things that resonate with you and your path.

Below you will find the first steps you need to embark on this journey:

- Law of Attraction Basics

- Goal Setting Basics

- Cleanse and Clear meditation

- Spiritual Contract

Also you can join the private facebook community by clicking the Facebook button below, come on over and introduce yourself.

The spiritual contract is an idea used by many spiritual teachers, this version is taken from Gabby Bernstein but if you prefer you can adapt it to wording that suits you more personally.

Once you have completed these I would recommend heading over to the current moon cycle page to start working with the energy we are presently in.  Then feel free to check through any videos or meditations that take your fancy!




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Spiritual Contract

Law of Attraction Basics

Goal Setting


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