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Thats right, the first 50 sign ups get life time access to all this valuable content for only £49


Are you ready to connect to something bigger?

Are you ready to join Julie in The Moon Lit Path ® - Hub?  With over 15 years experience working with the universe you are in safe hands tackling spirituality and it's amazing life changing tools including her knowledge of astrology & moon cycles.

Have you realised there is more to life than what you have been living? 

Are you ready to bring more balance to your life and grow using the tools of the universe & spirituality?

With one single payment you will have lifetime access to each months moon cycle energy!

Only £49 for the first 50 sign ups



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''I LOVE THE MOON LIT PATH!! I've been a member for over a year now and it's so insightful
I've had Reiki and Tarot with Julie and i'm about to embark on some coaching too her knowledge and experience shines through''


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''After getting to know Julie and her warm, friendly, down to earth take on spirituality,  it was a no-brainer that I became a founding member of The Moonlit Path!  I was quite new to the spiritual side of life when we met and through her wealth of knowledge and open-mindedness, Julie has become my go-to lady for guidance. Having this membership and all the info in it at my fingertips has helped me come on leaps and bounds with my own spiritual practice and has helped me to get to know myself better.  The ladies in the group are all so supportive and it's a gorgeous community to be part of!  As well as the Moonlit Path, I have had some 1:1 spiritual coaching sessions with Julie and those blew my mind and gave me the confidence to tap into and start listening to my intuition! (some of the conversations and synchronicities we had during those calls, you couldn't write!)  I would highly recommend ALL of Julie's services (yes, I have tried them all!) as I have felt so supported and empowered by working with her!''


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Embrace the Universe with The Moon Lit Path

The Moon Lit Path ® - Hub

Upgrade your life by working moon cycles and the astrological energy of the universe. Get in tune with the universe TODAY!

Pay one time and get life time access to the moons energy for only £49 today for the first 50 sign ups


Each month receive access to an exclusive podcast audio detailing the current months astrological energy around both the full and new moon, alongside a downloadable work book that takes you through how you can harness the moon in line with your own personal natal chart energy plus all these goodies too

- Monthly Full Moon collective Psychic Tarot Card pull for your individual sign placements

- Access to the masterclass library with videos taking you through Astrology for beginners, Chakra basics, Candle magic, Angels & Guides and more

- Habit and Cycle tracker to help guide you through the month

- Create your own moon ceremony guide

- Break down of each cycle phases

- Planetary days of the week

- Finding your why to help manifestation

You have access to this for life, ALL just for £49 today for the first 50 sign ups.


Inside The Hub

Take a look at what you get inside The Moon Lit Path ® - Hub


Why The Moon Lit Path® - Hub ?

I created the Hub as a place to come each month to find everything you needed about the moon cycle without having to go back through books or notes you've taken before.

I believe in my motto of ''You, but spiritual'' meaning you come as you are, no need to be ''woo'' unless you want to be and you still get to benefit from the magic of the universe.

If you've been lost, distracted, and wanting to connect to something more The Moon Lit Path® - Hub is a great place to get your foot in the door with the magic and language of the universe

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Image by Markus Spiske


Thats right, the first 50 sign ups get life time access to all this valuable content for only £49


We Can't wait to See you INSIDE

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